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Stories from Solage

Stories from Solage

Go A Walk Above the Clouds

If you’re planning on hiking Oat Hill Mine Trail, don’t let the weather deter you— foggy mornings are the best time for this hike. After stumbling upon this discovery by chance, the colder and mistier the morning in Napa Valley, the faster I grab my hiking shoes. On the lower section of Oat Hill Mine Trail, just when you think the fog is going to block your view from the surrounding sweeping vistas of wine country, the trail leads you to a view above the clouds. In that moment, overlooking dreamy light hitting a sea of fog below, you feel like you’ve summited a much larger mountain.

Oat Hill Mine Trail provides 8.3 miles between Calistoga and the western end of Aetna Springs Road in Pope Valley, offering the perfect path for a short nature walk or a more challenging day adventure. If you go far enough, you can find historic mining tunnels dating back to 1873. Early mornings spent on the mountain equals gorgeous golden hour light, crisp air, and an evening left open for unwinding— and if you’re like me, that means reading by the the pool or savoring Solage’s famous Macallan 18 Butterscotch Pudding at Solbar.Stories from Solage