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Stories from Mauna Lani

Stories from Mauna Lani

Go Connecting with the Spirit of Hawaii

Hiking through Kalāhuipua‘a Historic Park, we stopped along the trail to appreciate the variety of petroglyphs that depict primitive life symbols and provide a view into Hawaiʻi’s rich and ancient history. The area also offers around 40 natural caves composed of lava tubes and partially collapsed lava bubbles that are perfect for exploring, and we were in search of one cave in particular – the mythical “spirit cave”. A short hike from our retreat at Mauna Lani, I was tipped off about the park’s unusual cave during a discussion with Uncle Danny, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture. 

An excavated shelter cave once inhabited by some of Hawaiʻi’s earliest settlers – as far back as 1200 AD – Uncle Danny shared that the cave is considered by some to be a power spot, or a special location for experiencing life force energy. An opening in the ceiling at the back of the cave illuminates the darkness and anyone who stands under the opening, making it the ideal spot to capture what many believe are colorful aura photos.  

I was intrigued by the story and ready to discover the mystery for myself. We timed our hike to arrive at the cave when the light pouring in was known to be most intense – 12 noon. A gentle ocean breeze moved through the air, seeming to welcome us as we made our way to the cave’s entrance. Walking toward the back of the cave, we watched as other visitors soaked in the experience and had their photos taken, filling the air with a sense of peaceful excitement. 

When it was my turn, I moved under the opening. With the warm sun shining on my face, I relaxed into the moment, looked up and extended my arms as my husband captured photos of me. While I don’t know that any of the photos captured my aura, the light did give the images an ethereal glow, and we left the cave feeling even more connected to Hawaii.  Stories from Mauna Lani