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The spirit of curiosity

Activities at Mattei's Tavern

Become immersed in local culture

A bustling, social community is the heartbeat of Mattei’s Tavern. Drawing upon its centuries-old origins that first defined a spirit of curiosity and sense of discovery, today, the Santa Ynez icon invites guests and members to join our local community in exploring the wonderful opportunities this tiny town has to offer.

Culinary Experiences

The primary wine destination on the central coast, Los Olivos, is home to more than 170 wineries and tasting rooms. Mattei’s will guide you through the best of them, uncovering new favorite wines and unexpected vintages, meeting winemakers and sommeliers that have travelled the globe but returned to this gem of a region. For those intrigued by all things culinary, Mattei’s immersive programs dive deep into the niche worlds of smoked meats and farming seasonal produce, as well as celebrating the art of food: pairing meals with films, documenting food beautifully, and cooking and eating with purpose.
  • Wine tasting

  • Pairing wine with the arts

  • Learn the art of butchery and smoking

  • Visiting chefs and charity dinner series

  • Gourmet photography workshops

Crossroads of Town

An annual, monthly and weekly series of events and experience bring together locals, members and guests to maintain Mattei's boundless sense of thriving community. From an outdoor cinema and concert series, to hands-on workshops and informative talks, there's something for everyone.

Crafted Luxury

Hosted by leading artisans and creators from the worlds of art, fashion, wellness and food, this series encourages hands-on making.

Ranchero Party

Cowboy tales past and present, courtesy of locals and legends, take place fireside with a warm beverage in hand.

Pit Stops

This intimate outdoor concert series, in partnership with SOFAR Sounds, brings touring bands on the road from LA to Mattei’s.