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4 night stay

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Rice and Sake


The Experience

Gather at Che Che for a sensorial culinary experience centered around the multi-faceted cornerstone of both Japanese and Mexican cuisine: rice. Journey through a five-course tasting menu honoring the versatility of rice, a staple that is often taken for granted, as it is transformed into multiple dishes and beverages. Each course is an innovative pairing that highlights this delicate grain. Take in the salty Caribbean air in Che Che’s relaxed atmosphere as you indulge in this multi-cultural epicurean experience that is unique to Etéreo.

  • Arrange with your Guia or reach out to our Itinerary Designer at 855.725.5333 to learn more
  • 1h 45 min
  • Che Che
  • 145USD ++ per person
  • Upon request (any day, reservation must be made before 3pm)

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