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The Spa at Esperanza Inspired by the restorative coastal desert environment

Our wellness guru came to Esperanza with a vision of breaking down barriers and letting the outside in. As a result, when you enter the spa through weather-beaten wooden gates, you find yourself in a lush desert oasis, with plants and a palapa roof that lets the glorious Cabo sunshine filter in. Treatments harness the healing powers of local plants and take place in private suites with the door left discreetly open to the elements. It’s good for the soul to spend time in this award-winning spa, where tension melts away and a greater sense of inner peace is achieved. And it’s good for the body to combine such detoxifying treatments with core-strengthening workouts in our fitness center with floor-to-ceiling windows or out or on the beach, inhaling that fresh sea air.

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Our most popular spa treatments

Auberge Attunement

Harmonize and revitalize the body with this active yet restorative blend of massage therapies.
Spa Massage

Cabana Massages

Sink into oceanfront tranquility under the soothing shade of a private cabana.

Esperanza Tropical Essence Massage

Using our signature essential oil with hints of citrus and tropical flowers, your therapist will skillfully and intuitively apply a firm, nurturing touch with a variety of bodywork techniques to alleviate tension and tightness in your muscles.


Discover a one-of-a-kind program with our integrated team of wellness experts. During your stay, tap into expert sleep tips including yoga poses, breathing methods, journaling exercises, meditative rituals and more, all designed specifically for Auberge Resorts Collection. THE WELL has also exclusively created a guided sleep meditation for Auberge Resorts Collection, where mind coach and THE WELL practitioner, Manjit Devgun, takes you into a peaceful state through a calming bedtime story and adult lullaby in the background of binaural beats, known for promoting REM sleep and relaxed anxiety.
  • Bespoke booklet of tips including a series of bedtime rituals

  • 1 oz. bottle of THE WELL Relax Everything Mist

Guided Sleep Meditation


Bring home the healing power of Esperanza. Our organic bath products nourish sun-kissed skin and will transport your senses back to Baja. The lively blend is created from a careful combination of tart Mexican limes squeezed fresh from the rind; vanilla imported from one of the first Malagasy-owned master distillers in Madagascar; a twist of litsea cubeba; and a hint of coconut massoia. Select from a variety of wellness products this summer at the Agave Art Studio while our spa undergoes renovation, located adjacent to the resort lobby.