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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Play Magic by the Sea of Cortez

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There’s something so enchanting about sitting with your feet tucked under the warm sand while a salty aroma passes by with the breeze. Gazing into the eyes of the Sea of Cortez and up at the orange and pink-streaked sky, tasting the tender gifts of the ocean. It’s that unforgettable intimacy between yourself and nature and the people you love most that makes a moment truly special, that grounds you in its fairytale.

For my parents’ 26th anniversary, The Executive chef and his team at Cocina del Mar organized a private dinner on the beach for our family at the Shack, a pop-up kitchen and bar set up earlier that evening for the occasion. When we first arrived at the venue, Guadalupe led us, now barefoot, toward an L-shaped couch in the sand that bordered a small log fire, with glasses of champagne awaiting our arrival on the side tables. Then we snacked in hors d’oeuvres while strolling along the sand, our toes gracing the glassy water. As the sun began to set, we gathered for our next family Christmas Card photo; purple waves crashed against Esperanza’s dramatic cliffs in the background, while the sun’s orange glow illuminated our smiling faces.

The magic in the air was tangible. On a private beach in Baja, isolated but together, I felt a particular closeness to my family, to the desert land, and to the salty ocean air. After dinner, I laid in bed, smiling, listening to the frogs’ deep bellows in the distance, and felt completely, refreshingly whole. In a deep, contented sleep, I dreamt of my return to the seaside.Stories from Esperanza