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Turtle on a rock
Turtle on a rock

Tortuguero National Park


The Experience

The North Caribbean of Costa Rica is one of the most distinct, isolated and biodiverse places in the country, and this northern corner of the coastline is one of the most protected and untouched areas of Costa Rica. Arriving by fixed wing airplane, you will have unfiltered access to this remote place that many explorers take days to venture to. Enter Tortuguero National Park, in search of wildlife from the comfort of the full canopy motor boat through the primary forest and network of canals that define this locale. From monkeys, birds, turtles, caimans, frogs and more – your adventure starts with a plethora of opportunities for in-the-wild sightings. As the day advances, enter more secluded areas deep in the jungle by artisanal canoes, gaining access to a delicate part of the channel where motor boats are not allowed. Here, more species of reptiles and amphibians are present, including some species listed as endangered. After the wildlife adventure, walk through the picturesque local village to witness how people live in such a remote area. Finish the day with a family-style lunch served by a pioneering family of Tortuguero. Full of the local identity, the meal itself is a direct cultural experience, showcasing the Caribbean flare typical of this region. As the day comes to a close, hop back into your private aircraft for the last aerial views of this tropical jewel on your way back to AltaGracia.

  • This experience is recommended for nature lovers, as Tortuguero offers a diversity of wildlife that is protected due to its remote and difficult-to-reach location
  • Guests travel by fixed wing airplane to the northwest of Costa Rica and back
  • The visit to Tortuguero is a full day, returning before sunset to the hacienda
  • While there is no minimum age, guests 10 years old and above tend to get the most out of this experience

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